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Review – Ogressa – Warts and All

I came home today to find an envelope in the box. It was something from Dali’s Llama Records. I thought that Dali’s Llama turned out another album that I somehow missed out on the progress of. Turns out I was partially right. Ogressa is a side project of Zach Huskey (Guitar, some vocals), one part of the great Dali’s Llama. The rest of the band is filled in by Trent Ramseyer (Whores of Tijuana on vocals and percussion), Ian Dye (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Mike Jacobson (bass), Scott Reeder (from Kyuss duh! on bass), and Joe Dillion (guitar).

Ogressa isn’t a desert rock album like Dali’s Llama. It’s sound is a more down tuned version of a Whores of Tijuana album. Less stoner, more doom. The album is somewhat all over the spectrum but yet all within the same realm. It’s heavy rock/doom done right. Right from the start the vocals are familiar. Trent’s voice gets it going with “Give Me Some Space.””Lady Ogress” is a slow and down tuned song, a true doom track. “The Boss” is a cover of a song by The Mutants. I’ve never heard the original but it’s an instrumental with a cool upbeat and bluesy vibe. It does make me want to seek out the original to hear it. “Sonoran Debris” features Zach on vocals and is more acoustic than doomy. The last and final track, “Animal Mask” is my favorite track. It’s starts off at a nice even pace and picks it up at the end. Track of the year? Possibly.

Ogressa’s Warts and All was quite the surprise and after all, who doesn’t like surprises? It’s got lots of bass, lots of guitars, gruffy vocals, a cool instrumental, what isn’t there to like? Check out “Mange” below and follow the links to buy your own copy.


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