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Bandcamp Recommendations 10/20/2011

Another exciting edition of Bandcamp Recommendations. Lots of good heavy are hard hitting stuff. All free of course but give give give when you can. You know the drill.

“Deaf Proof were formed in late 2006 by Pedro (d), Holger (b) and Fredo (v/g), later reinforced by Til (g). From that point of time they started jamming and working out their ideas. The result was a mix of stonerrock, metal, 70s-rock, r’n’r, psychedelic and a dash of progressive, in other words: Down-tuned and based on a diversified drum and bass groove, the fat riffs are varied by tons of cutting melodies, crying soli and twin guitar attacks, on top raw and powerful vocals.”

Check out their 2 sets of demos.

I hope I don’t need to tell you about this next band, The Startruckers. They’re no strangers to this space as they’ve been featured not once but twice before. Well they just released their 3rd Southern Sessions.

Who said France could not rock? Are you ready for some dirty Southern Rock music, emerged from the 90’s? Here, it’s not about tight jeans, spikes or emo fringes: it’s just a good old powerful sound, fed with Stoner, Grunge and Jack Daniel’s. Formed with members from the coolest bands on the French Riviera (Dismo, Artefact, Ghostfather, and The Cactus Rodeo), Startruckers will kick your ass, dude!

I have a question. Who’s ready for some post-apocalyptic country? Seriously. Who is?

First post-apocalyptic country record ever. Wasteland EP was recorded by B-toon – last standing man on earth – during the last days of humanity. This record contains strong post-apo radiation mixed up with country, southern metal and some industrial.

No Fuzz has also been featured here as well. They just released their latest Eo titled No Fun Intended. No Fuzz is a female fronted garage punk band that features some pretty wicked guitar riffs and get a bit fuzzy at times. Get it now!

The Red Coil project, a mix of metal, stoner, alternative, with a beer and whiskey flavour. Lots of influences (Down, Black Sabbath, Crowbar, Black Label Society, Kyuss, Pink Floyd, etc) mixed with the idea of making rough music without frills. The name The Red Coil is related to the concept of Kundalini the energy that resides in the subtle body and it’s traditionally represented as a sleeping serpent coiled at the base of the spine The awakening of Kundalini is a kind of Dante’s journey where we pass from hell to the heaven discovering heaven and hell are a mirror image and only facing its animal spirit, the man can reach liberation. The Red Coil’ sound is the soundtrack for this trip … “alcoholic & altered”

If there’s ever a band that could successfully usher in a new era of punk, Silver & Gold are the ones to lead the way.

SILVER & GOLD was the last song to be ever recorded by the great Joe Strummer. The band SILVER & GOLD was born in the summer of 2010 when Heartattack Radio and The Unsubs passed away. With the same mentality and dedication, these four boys teamed up and started working on a new sound, influenced by the new wave of punkrock. The band selfreleased their first ENDLESS ROADS EP in november 2010.

Lace Weeper have just released their latest EP. It’s a cool mix of hard rock, early 90’s grunge. Their sound is certainly a lot like the early 90’s grunge bands and other “alternative hard rock” bands from the era.

Lace Weeper are a rock band from Dublin, Ireland. They counter driving hard rock rhythms with mellow acoustics, and a keen sense of melody. Utilizing heavy guitar based grooves and quirky acoustic melodies, embellished by bluesy solos, a pounding rhythm section and deeply metaphoric & poetic lyrics, Weeper are a band many have been waiting for.


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