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Review – The Moss – Wulfram

Here’s an album that I listened to just now and thought that this is some bad ass stuff. The band is The Moss from Portland, OR. They’ve been together for a little over a year now and put out a 12 track “demo” titled Wulfram. If you remember last year, The Heavy Eyes recorded some songs and called it a “demo.” The Moss seem to be in that same boat as Wulfram doesn’t sound like a bunch of demos, it sounds like a full blown full length release. It sounds really really good too.

The Moss seem to play a unique brand of psychedelic blues with a lot of Sabbath inspired doom, plenty of great sounding riffs and some 70’s progressive hard rock ala Hard Stuff, Fuzzy Duck or Atomic Rooster. Vocally, Adam Burke does have a similar voice to Dylan Francis (The Suede Brothers). The album doesn’t rely heavily on effects and sound bits although there is a little bit of it.

As I found out, the band recorded the album in their basement and obsessed over the mixing. Well the final product turned out great. It’s got a nice basic, raw and natural feel to it. I was impressed with the album well before I was done listening to it the first time. I’m afraid of how good a proper full length will sound if the “demos” sound as good as they do.Stream the album below and listen for yourself.


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    • Bill Goodman

      The word is like butter, spread it! Glad you like them. I was pleased when their email arrived in the in-box

      October 24, 2011 at 2:59 pm

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