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Review – The Dirty Streets – Movements

About a year ago I discovered a band from Memphis, TN called The Dirty Streets. Their sound is hard 70’s southern rock. They released an album in 2009 called Portrait of A Man, that, at the time, was tough to find. As great an album as it was, it wasn’t the complete package for me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it and played it so many times that the image from the album’s cover was burned in my eyes. Fast forward a year later and the band is about to release their follow up album, Movements.

Vocalist Justin Toland has a voice that reminds me of a mix between Leslie West (Mountain), Burton Cummings (The Guess Who), and to a point, Sam Velde (Night Horse).  The vocals are certainly a strong point. They’re very soulful and full of energy and give Movements that extra element that can make or break an album. In this case it certainly makes it. Vocals aren’t everything though. The instruments are just as strong. Justin’s guitar is just as equally good, bassist Thomas Storz certainly can kick it with the best as you can hear some pretty mean riffs and the beat gets stuck in your head. Andrew Denham’s drums sound basic but they certainly get the job done without all the extra pizazz that some bands go for.

Movements has a nice warm 70’s and southern and classic rock feel to it. There are plenty of great guitar riffs, the vocals are excellent and it’s easy to get quite a few of the beats stuck in your head. It has a familiar but yet unique sound. It’s modern but yet feels so 1970-ish, even the artwork has a certain aspect that screams 1970’s. This is a highlight album for 2011. We all know that modern rock radio today is crap and missing something. The Black Crowes are one of the few modern bands that make it somewhat enjoyable. Since they’re on hiatus someone needs to step up and fill that void. I believe that The Dirty Streets are one of those bands that are certainly capable of filling that void. Movements is due out November 1st, 2011 so look for it then. In the meantime though, you can sample a few songs below.


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