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Review – Sedated Angel – Dirty Going Down EP

Sedated Angel are no strangers to stoner rock. This 5 piece from Denmark have been at it for a few years now releasing 3 albums and 2 EPs. Their 2nd and latest one, Dirty Going Down was released a few months back. It’s quite the winner too. I bought it from the band based off of the strengths of their last full length, Far Beyond Repair and I wasn’t disappointed one bit.

For those unfamiliar with Sedated Angel, imagine members of Clutch, Kyuss Fu Manchu and Nebula collaborated on a huge project each combining their talents. Sedated Angel is the sound you’d get. The EP is consists of 4 songs ranging in the same sound as the previously mentioned bands. It’s fuzzy, it rocks, it grooves. It’s stoner, hard and desert rock at it’s finest. It is, the perfect beast. Catchy riffs and beats and a nice warm sound round out a terrific EP and a highlight to 2011’s releases. Listen for yourself below.

Please note that at the moment, the first two songs are the same. The band is working on getting that fixed.

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