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Pre Order The Sword’s Winter Bundle

The Sword is also having a holiday bundle. Check it out.

Limited to 100 units only

Target date is to ship prior to 12/25/2011 but do to custom manufacturing of the knitted scarf we cannot guarantee actual ship date at this time.

The harshest of winters is upon us. Freeze to death in style with this exclusive Holiday Bundle from The Sword! Limited to 100 units, the package features a custom long sleeve tee designed by singer “JD” John Cronise, a custom jacquard knitted scarf, and fingerless logo gloves with the band logo on top. Also included is a high quality holiday gift card from the band. Don’t miss out on the hottest bundle for the coldest of climates!

Note: Listening to Age Of Winters while wearing the entire Holiday Bundle at once may cause tears in the fabric of the time space continuum.

Bundle includes

* Custom Long sleeve tee designed by “JD” John Cronise of The Sword

* Custom Logo quality 100% acrylic, quality jacquard knitted scarf.

* Fingerless Gloves with logo print on top

* Holiday Card with exclusive design 5.5″ x 4.25″ 12pt Gloss Card

Check it out HERE


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