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The Soda Shop Podcast This Saturday!

Tune in this Saturday to Grip of Delusion Radio 3-5 EST to hear The Soda Shop’s own Podcast. This week, we tackle the 70’s. So much of stoner rock is rooted and/or influenced by the music that came from the 70’s so why not feature it. This is all obscure stuff. There’s no Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath or Deep Purple here but music that is just as good if not better than their mainstream counterparts. There’s a nice mix of hard rock, doom, classic, psychedelic and prog rock. Tune in Saturday and see!


01 Buffalo – “Shylock” from Volcanic Rock (1973)
02 Atomic Rooster – “Streets” from Death Walks Behind You (1971)
03 Zephyr – “I Am Not Surprised” from Sunset Ride (1972)
04 Three Man Army – “Butter Queen” from A Third Of A Lifetime (1971)
05 Red Dirt – “Problems” from Red Dirt (1970)
06 Incredible Hog – “Wreck My Soul” from Incredible Hog (1973)
07 Hard Stuff – “Monster in Paradise” from Bulletproof (1972)
08 Granicus – “You’re In America” from Granicus (1973)
09 Dogfeet – “On The Road” from Dogfeet (1970)
10 Bloodrock – “Double Cross” from BLoodrock (1970)
11 May Blitz – “Smoking the Day Away” from May Blitz (1970)
12 Doctor Downtrip – “Big Blue Train” from Doctor Downtrip (1973)
13 Pluto – “Road To Glory” from Pluto (1972)
14 Gift – “Everythiong’s Alright” from Blue Apple (1974)
15 Snafu – “Dixie Queen” from Snafu (1973)
16 Possessed – “Exploration” from Exploration
17 Chicken Bones – “Factory Girl” – from Hard Rock In Concert 1975
18 Orange Wedge – “Whiskey & Gin” from No One Left But Me (1974)
19 KKB – “You Won’t Be There (Part 1) from 1974 (1974)
20 Icecross – “1999” from Icecross (1973)
21 Gong – “The Pot Head Pixies” from Flying Teapot (1973)
22 Curly Curve – “Shitkicker” from Curly Curve
23 Goliath – “Hot Rock and Thunder” from Hot Rock and Thunder (1972)


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