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Daily Bandcamp Feature – The Moss – Wulfram

Today’s featured album is no stranger to these pages. Today’s featured Bandcamp Album is Wulfram by The Moss. Wulfram is easily becoming one of my top picks for 2011 and from the looks of it, the top pick for many others as well. You can read my review of Wulfram HERE.

The Moss seem to play a unique brand of psychedelic blues with a lot of Sabbath inspired doom, plenty of great sounding riffs and some 70′s progressive hard rock ala Hard Stuff, Fuzzy Duck or Atomic Rooster.

Veteran Brothers Ben and Adam met during the Centaurus Campaigns and bare the scars to prove it. They came West from the cold North seeking easier game. Beth reads stones and plays 327 instruments and counting. Tony’s only interest is his swordsmanship. He travels with us in hopes to meet his match one day. There is doubt that day will ever come. The Moss formed in Summer of 2010.

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