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Preview – Propane Propane – Indigo

WOW! That’s the least I can say. Indigo by Sweden’s Propane Propane is nearly upon us and the timing couldn’t be better. A massive and crushing album that appeals to everyone. Is it possible? You’re damn right it is. First a little back story on a haunted connection told to me by guitarist and vocalist Ben.

A I’m not the slightest a believer in ghosts… but during the recording of this album some really strange things happen to us and especially me. I often worked from evening to late at night (4 AM). Outside of the recording room we had an additional “ambiance” microphone set up, that picked up strange metallic clonks and footsteps several times, but nobody was there, never.

An motion sensor activated light also started very often at night for no reason at all and again no one was there.
My Girlfriend (who also crafted the cover art) called me one late night, wondering when I was going to come back home. She could not possible hear what I was saying, yet i heard her loud and clear. She said something like;”I cannot hear what you are saying? All I hear are distorted weird scream-like sounds and heavy static. When are you coming home?! I’m hanging up now! Call me!”

I tell you man, all these factors, at that moment sent the most terrifying chill down my spine that I’ve ever experienced in my life. I packed my shit and headed home as fast as I could that night.

Every night on from that, I had a crowbar by my side while tracking guitars and vocals. Often saying out loud before I started the session: Let me do my work and do not dare to fuck with me tonight. I need to focus so fuck of!”

Here’s my track by track breakdown of Indigo
“Rise” – A heavy and crushing number with a plethora of mesmerizing riffs. Seems to borrow from The Sword as far as style during the faster moments (or do The Sword borrow from Propane Propane?).
“Kometh” – Starts off nice and mellow then the the crushing riffs set in. Neck braces may be needed after this one. It’s doomy and catchy and you may find yourself head banging to the beat unintentionally.
“ANT” – Another heavy and crushing song. It’s heavy on the guitars and the vocals teeter on the brink of being a bit sludgy.
“Cosmic Hideout” – Also starts off a bit on the mellow side then the Sabbathian riffs kick in to kick your ass. There’s a lot of instrumental to the song and it just flows really nice.
“Truth” – A crushing song with heavy and crunchy guitars. The vocals go back and fourth to a nice mellow tune and then lay a bit on the heavy side. Very heavy!
“Aquatic” – An instrumental song that just moves and grooves as it progresses.
“Purple Sun” starts off with a massive instrumental that’s almost 3 minutes long. It’s heavy and at times a bit on the droney side. Again, another song where if you’re not paying attention, may require a neck brace from the head banging to the beat.
“Return of the Burning Son” – A fast paced and more upbeat song. Still heavy and crunchy in the guitars, it’s the shortest of the album at just under 4 minutes long. Excellent guitar solos, it’s destined to become a favorite with lead guitar players throughout.
“Food of the Gods” – Another grooving song that sounds like could have been influenced by some Age of Winters era Sword material. It’s got a nice little slowdown in the middle where it appears the song is coming to an end but continues with a nice and heavy instrumental.
“Morte Sudconscia” is a massive track. It’s over 12 minutes long. It’s heavy, it’s ambient, it’s trancy, it’s not like the rest of the album.

Indigo was a pleasant surprise for me. I’m honored that the band thought of me for the first review and I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity. Indigo is going to be a big hit once it’s released. It reaches out to a number fans within the stoner, sludge, doom and hard rock genres. From fans of Clutch and Truckfighters to fans of Weedeater and Kylesa, this is one that all will like. Indigo offers something for everyone. As someone at my job once told me, “it’s all in the presentation and how you display yourself,” well Propane Propane does an excellent job at the presentation. Indigo is a mighty album that can best be described in one word. Epic. It is a bit on the longer side at a total of 66 minutes so it’s not an ideal listen if you want to soak it up in a quick trip to the store for milk and eggs but then again, there is that trusty “pause” button too. IF the world does end in 2012, any visitors from distant planets that discover Earth will find Indigo as the main culprit, not some crazy ancient myth or legend.

Indigo is slated for vinyl release with a digital release to follow afterwards. Due to some issues with their current label, Indigo is on hold but the band has let it be known that they would be open to talking to other labels for this release. It’s ready to go.

If you need to hear more Propane Propane and grab some FREE downloads from them, check out their Bandcamp page.


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