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The Soda Shop Podcast This Saturday!

This Saturday on Grip of Delusion Radio betwee 3-5 EST make sure you check out The Soda Shop’s latest Podcast. We used to run a featured called Swedish Sunday where we would feature a different Swedish band. From time to time we would venture a little bit out of the country into neighboring countries and the feature would be called Scandinavian Sunday. This Saturday it returns. We once again pay tribute to some of the great bands in Podcast form. Make sure you tune in and listen! Fet!

01 Switch Opens – “Express Death” from Switch Opens (2009)
02 Noctum – “Mistress” from The Seance (2010)
03 Dozer – “Born A Legend” from Through The Eyes of Heathens (2005)
04 Blowback – “Dead Mans Blues” from Eight Hundred Miles (2009)
05 Brutus – “Solution” from Brutus (2010)
06 Kamchatka – “Wood” from III (2009)
07 Mother of God – “Into The Unknown” from Forging A New Path (2011)
08 Dead Man – “Further” from Dead Man (2005)
09 Skånska Mord – “In The Dark” from The Last Supper (2010)
10 Dollhouse – “The Rock and Soul Fever” from Royal Renez-vous (2007)
11 Graveyard – “Uncomfortably Numb” from Hisingen Blues (2011)
12 The Soulshake Express – “Gypsy Daughter” from Heavy Music (2007)
13 Deville – “Early Grave” from Hail Black Sky (2009)
14 The Brimstone Days – “Get In Line” from We Are The Brimstone Days (2010)
15 Thalamus – “Next To Me” from Beneath A Dying Sun (2007)
16 Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra – “Reborn or Despair” from Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra (2004)
17 Burning Saviours – “Trinity” from Nymphs and Weavers (2007)
18 Spiders – “Gracious” from Spiders 10″ (2011)
19 Spice and the RJ Band – “All I Know” from The Will (2007)
20 Cherry Overdrive – “Lay You Down” from Go Prime Time, Honey!
21 Black Bonzo – “Ageless Door” from Sounds Of The Apocalypse (2007)
22 Sahg – “Black PAssage” from Sahg (2006)
23 Ponamero Sundown – “Highway Messiah” from Rodeo Eléctrica
24 Truckfighters – “Slacken” from Phi (2007)
25 Asteroid – “Electric Voodoo” Asteroid EP (2005)
26 Greenleaf – “Black Tar” from Agents of Ahriman (2007)
27 Siena Root – “The Rat” from Root Jam (2011)
28 The Crystal Caravan – “Flying So High (Or So It Seems) from The Crystal Caravan (2009)


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