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Review – Sahara Surfers – Sonar Pilot

Last year one of the first reviews I wrote was for Sahara Surfers Spacetrip on A Paper Plane. I liked it a lot and when I learned that the band was working on new material I was stoked. What really surprised me is that I didn’t have to wait for to long. Fast forward to today when I was presented with an email from their label with a download link to the album. It made my day and quite possibly my week.

The one thing that strikes me after my first listen was how mellow this album was. It’s not a really heavy album. It doesn’t have any “crushing or crunchy” guitars or riffs. It has its moments but those looking for “crushing” music need steer clear. It’s more along the line of a long Kyuss instrumental only with nice sounding female vocals. I know some people argue that Mr. Garcia’s vocals are annoying well let me assure you that there’s nothing about Julia Überbacher’s vocals. In fact, they’re soothing and easy on the ears. I’d compare them to Lene (Fuzz Manta). The rest of Sonar Pilot

is just as mellow. The album flows really nice from track to track. There’s a bit of some psychedelia to it that mixes in really nicely. This is an album that you can put on and mellow out to any time of the day or night. I’ll let you hear for yourself though.

I would post a track for preview but the band is giving the album away for FREE! Download right now. If you like it and want it on CD, you can grab it from their label right HERE. Earlier in the year the band had asked for fan made videos to be sent in. below is the


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