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News from The Dolly Rocker Movement

News from The Dolly Rocker Movement

The Dolly Rocker Movement will enter a studio in December to record two exclusive songs for an upcoming 7” on Bad Afro due to be released in the spring 2012. A-side will be the beautiful and catchy “Your Side of Town” while the B-side will be the moodier, more spaced out “Down With You”. The demos sound fantastic so no doubt this will be a great 7”. The artwork will be done by Kiryk who also made the artwork for the previous The Dolly Rocker Movement releases on Bad Afro; Our Days Mind the Tyme LP/CD and “Our Brave New World 7”. The LP has been sold out for quite some time and we hope to be able to do a reprint in a not so distant future.

After his return from the US to Australia main man Daniel Poulter has worked on a movie score and also found time to start a new band with three girls called Kill City Creeps. They recently released their debut EP and you can hear some of it here:

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