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Daily Bandcamp Feature – Acid Elephant – Guerrilla Drive Valley

Acid Elephant’s Guerilla Drive Valley is the featured Bandcamp album of the day.

Acid Elephant is a kick-ass stoner rock band from Pori, said to be heavy as a dying overweight mammoth. The story of the band actually dates as far back as into fall 2005, but it, took until December 2008, though, that Miksa (bass), Ojis (guitar until 2010) and Roope (drums) unofficiallylish officially formed this elephantine band – naked. In a sauna. The band was short a vocalist, though. As odd as it was, a local musicians internet community, saved the band and in May 2009 Ilpo (guitar & vox) joined the group. Later that year the Elephants recorded a demo EP (named ”People Go Missing”), but it became outdated almost immediately, as the musical differences between the others (mainly Miksa) and Ojis became unbearable and Ojis was forced to leave the band in March 2010. Elephants have thus continued as a trio, now being definitely a 100x more acid and more elephantine than ever before!


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