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Review – Moon – Moon

Moon are a two piece stoner rock band from Germany. They play down and dirty stoner rock/psych blues. A kick as sound if you ask me.

Bio (via Google Translate):

Dirty, minimalist blues paired with sprawling, psychedelic jam sessions. “Guitar, drums, vocals – we do not need more!” is said the two as their old band broke up and she wanted something new. Grown up with the music of AC / DC, Hendix, Led Zep, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and diverse Stoner stuff, there was no question he should go in which direction the whole thing.

Their self titled debut is in half German and half English. If you can get around the language barrier, you’ll find a great sounding album. The instruments are tight, the tone is mesmerizing. The instruments range from a mix between Radio Moscow, Graveyard and The Heavy Eyes.

This was a terrific album. I’ve been on a psych blues kick lately and this album was a perfect compliment. It’s had the sound, the right amount of heaviness and I was able to get around the language barrier and focus on the overall picture, the music. Don’t pass this on up.


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