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Review – Temple of the Smoke – …Against Human Race

Temple of the Smoke started in 2010. as a four piece, after couple of years spent in exploring different ideas and approaches. “The sound in which they positioned fundaments of their temple may be described as echoing ride, mostly instrumental, that varies from psychedelic and space rock expeditions, ambient and drone soundwaves in tradition of 70s kraut/prog rock, mixture of post rock and roots dub, with elements of trip hop, hard and stoner rock, electronic music and other crossover experiments.. Inspired by local and global politics, infinite areas of space, psychedelic phantasmagorias and visions, science fiction, films and literature, Temple of the Smoke are spreading their message armed with arsenal of vintage tube amps, laboratory of analog and digital effects and synthesizers, and treasury of samples taken from the depths of popular culture and history.”

It’s tough to really describe this album. It’s long (almost an hour), it’s spacy, it’s trippy, it’s psychedelic, it’s heavy, it’s mellow. It’s just about everything. Oh, it’s instrumental too. The beats and tempo range from hard rock (“Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator”), to some reggae (“Unnatural Regression”), to some space rock (“Naked Sun”) to a little metal (South Of Heaven). This album has it all.

It was hard for me to grasp this album at first. I wasn’t quite so such where it was going. After a few listens though it dawned on me. It’s a psychedelic masterpiece that teeters on the space-prog line while keeping true to stoner rock without all the vocals to get caught up in. This one is a chiller, what I mean by that is sit back, relax and enjoy! Listen for yourself below.


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