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Review – Ehécatl – Ehécatl

The brain child of Blaak Heat Shujaa’s Thomas Bellier (bass, vocals) and Tim Gacon (drums), Ehécatl is the first pre-columbian psychedelic stoner/doom band. With its reverence to Aztec mythology and use of traditional mesoamerican musical patterns, the duo has written the perfect soundtrack for a sacrifice at the foot of the Pyramid of the Moon. Even if Ehécatl’s two-man configuration brings to mind great names of the heavy music underworld such as Om, its mind expansive sonic deconstruction is like no other. At times close Al Cisneros’s bass lines, and at others more akin to the rythm section of Yawning Man, Ehécatl’s experimental music is unfit for traditional artistic categories.

Bellier and Gacon have teamed up with producer Benjamin Colin, making way for a brand new sound. By experimenting with production techniques, Colin and Bellier bring out the best in Ehécatl’s eerie atmospheric heaviness while enhancing its more etheral parts. The album also features guest appearances by local musicians and friends, Michel Kristof (sitar) and Alcohsonic’s Sébastien Bismuth (vocals). Released on Improvising Beings, Ehécatl’s self-titled debut will be available October 5, 2011.

Bellier is the guitar player and singer of Paris-based stoner psychedelic outfit Blaak Heat Shujaa. He also plays bass in Moksha Samnyasin, Sonny Simmon’s free jazz psychedelic drone rock project. Bellier has recently written and recorded the music for the theater play Les 9 Coriaces. Gacon is the drummer of Blaak Heat Shujaa.

Ehécatl is different than anything I’ve heard before. The melodies really move, the bass is moving, the whole thing just really moves. It’s something that you really need to sit down and set yourself some time to really take this in, or shall I say, let it take YOU in. It’s mesmerizing and it’s moving. There’s different styles to it. There is a lot to take in but at the same time, the album can and will take you in. Listen to a few samples below.


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