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Review – Eggnog – Moments In Vacuum

What’s heavy, crushing and mind blowing all at the same time? Give up? The answer is Eggnog’s latest release, Moments in Vacuum. Brooklyn’s Eggnog are onto something here. They play non traditional doom rock and within lies some classic and hard rock influences.

“Magog” is more of a traditional doom song but leads into “Raking In The Dough” which offers more 70’s inspired classic rock than you average doom song. “Wheel of the Year” even ventures a little bit to the funky side with a real catchy bass line. The songs seem to alternate between doom and hard rock and that keeps the album from becoming stale.

Moments in Vacuum is a great doom band to grab the traditional non doom fans. It offers enough to get them to consider exploring the doom genre, if even for only a few albums. I myself am not huge into doom music but this is one album that not only has surprised me, it has become a staple in commonly listened to albums as of late. Currently new material is being worked on for future releases and that has me excited to hear what’s in store. Going back and listening to their past releases, Moments in Vacuum is a nice step up in the band’s progression.


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