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Daily Bandcamp Album – Axxicorn – War of the Giants

You may be wondering what an axxicorn is, but don’t worry about that yet. All you need to know is the band Axxicorn is a crossbreed of love for classic metal and a penchant for Greek mythology. With songs like “Poseidon” and “Theseus and the Minotaur,” this trio of metalheads has been laying waste to Portland audiences in recent months, bringing Sabbath-style metal back to life without a single trace of irony. Guitarist Jeremy Hanson lays out riffs that make heads bang, relentlessly shredding and thick with doom, while bass player Kerr Mahnke thumbs out lines as heavy as Zeus slinging lightning bolts from Mount Olympus, and Mike McDonnell’s drumming is like the chaos that existed before the Gods intervened. Altogether they create a cathartic noise much needed in these times.

Seriously, this fucking rocks! Stoner, proto, heavy metal, where can you go wrong? The CD hits on December 1st but you can get the digital download right now if you wish. $6 is all it costs so forgo the Big Mac with cheese.


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