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Official Sonic Medusa Announcement:

L.A’s Sonic Medusa– ( featuring former members of The Obsessed, Goatsnake, Hollywood Rose, Sourvain etc. )
After several years, Tom Five ( Vocals, Guitars ), has left Sonic Medusa…
Due The obligatory “Creative Differences”  that plagues many bands.
Tom was also an original member of White Zombie & Angelrot.

New singer ‘DIRTY D’  ( Formerly of ANGUS KHAN, B-Movie Rats etc.) has now joined as fulltime singer.

Mr. D has worked w/SM before on various side projects, joining us onstage for cover songs etc. in the past.
Listen for some new songs in the near future, as well as alot of the older SM “hits”.
Meanwhile, You can still have a listen to the Sonic medusa E.P. recorded by Scott Reeder ( Kyuss, Goatsnake, Obsessed etc. ) at his California desert SANCTUARY Studios : 
And check out the FULL bio & the other news, reviews & photos on Facebook :
Incase you forgot,
 Sonic Medusa is:
Dirty D- ( Angus Khan ) Vocals-Guitar
Steven Darrow ( Hollywood Rose, Rat Salad ) Guitar
Greg Rogers ( Goatsnake, The Obsessed ) Drums

Scott ‘Sinner’ Renner-( Sourvein , Brickbat ) Bass


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