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Review – Infernal Overdrive – Last Rays of the Dying Sun

Do you like southern rock? How about heavy guitar driven rock? Are you a fan of Roadsaw, Dixie Witch and/or Gozu? Well here’s something you DON’T want to miss. New Jersey’s own Infernal Overdrive have been around for a few years now and have released one 4 track self titled EP. The band is going to begin 2012 right by releasing their first full length on Small Stone Records. The album, Last Rays of the Dying Sun, is a combination of the 4 track EP as well as new material making it’s debut just for this album. I proudly own a copy of the EP and my one gripe is that it was to short. Despite “Motor” being over 13 minutes long, I wanted more. Well now I got my wish.

The whole album is full of some great sounding guitar riffs, catchy hooks, awesome vocals and lyrics and awesome drumming.”Cage” (which can be heard below) features a killer beat and some of the best guitar playing I’ve heard in a while. “Electric Street Cred” is one fucking masterpiece of a song with an awesome drum solo by highly underrated drummer Mike  Bennett. It’s really hard to pinpoint one good song on here as they’re all equally good. Excellent actually.

Last Rays of the Dying Sun is already up on my personal list of top albums of 2012 and it’s still 2011. It features everything I come to expect from a Small Stones Records release. It’s catchy, heavy and sounds great. The album is due out 2/28/2012 on Small Stone Records. Knowing them though, you’ll be bale to get it sooner through the store or iTunes. Don’t pass this one up. Sample a few songs from the album below.

Buy this album from Small Stone Records


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