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Review – The Bliss – Gabbatha

The Bliss is a music trio from Piraeus, Greece. They formed in 2000. Their past influences stemmed from the early grunge scene of Seattle back in the 1990’s.Through the years, their inspiration started to become more complicated and influences derived from various sounds and patterns that you find in traditional Greek music and other kinds of progressive rock bands.

Gabbatha is a different type of beast. The album has a nice flow to it going from instrumental to vocal and back and forth. The influences of grunge are quite obvious with an Alice in Chains sound being VERY prominent. In a way it’s kind of haunting too because of how closely the vocals sound to the late Layne Staley. Gabbatha is good, perhaps to good for those looking to bring back memories of the grunge movement. The only complaint I have, and it’s not a bad complaint, is the length. The album is 70 minutes long. That’s a lot of music to take in for one sitting. As I said before, the flow is nice and anyone could get into it. It is a great album. It’s dark, it’s heavy and the atmosphere surrounding the album is unlike anything I’ve heard before. The grunge/post grunge sound is good and at times you can hear faint amounts of sludge.


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