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Review – Warhorse – As Heaven Turns to Ash

The sludgiest doom. The most doomed sludge. The archetypal Southern Lord act.

Warhorse came and went with nary a sound– I only happened upon them via a $2 cd in a vinyl store. Shame they’re that hard to find: this is Electric Wizard if they were even further detuned and less stoned and more about Flag (aka super soldier serum) and Peyote than weed.

What the fuck? How did these guys come and go without anyone really noticing?

It’s chilling, in its implications… that you can be made of awesome and still not succeed.

I tried to find somewhere to buy or download it, but the cheapest price I could find online for the CD (as of this writing) was like 24 bucks. Fuckers. (Unless you’re British, then you’re Golden.)

They’re all great tunes. If you must cherry-pick, get “Doom’s Bride” [a strangely non-Asian sound-a-like to Eternal Elysium and/or Church of Misery] or “Black Acid Prophecy.”


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