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Introducing… Voodoo Boogie

This is Voodoo Boogie, an idiosyncratic four-man band from Limburg, Belgium, blending their raw delta blues inspiration with garage and psychedelic rock in a most unconventional way. And yes, to put it mildly, they are getting away with it…

When Voodoo Boogie plug in in 2004, their aim is to create a greasy, compelling sound. Not a simple task for four musicians from different backgrounds (blues, alternative, funk, pop), all trying to bring in their own hallmarks. And yet, their visions on music have got one factor in common: creating the ultimate deep, hypnotising groove, entrancing songs that make you lose yourself, and give you the out-of-this-world experience.

Indeed, not a simple task, but the very first result of their query is spot-on: their 2006 debut EP, produced by Marc T, (remember ‘Noordkaap’, ‘El Fish’, ‘Soulwax’, etc), puts Voodoo Boogie on the map. But there is hunger for more, of course…

In 2008 ‘Losing My Cool’, the band’s first full length album, is released, produced by their very own Rob Vanspauwen, who also produced ‘DeWolff’. This leads to even more idiosyncratic experimenting, which accidentally or not, coincides with Voodoo Boogie’s soaring popularity. The album is compelling and psychedelic, and yet it pays homage to the band’s own blues roots. The album is a rip-roaring success, getting national airplay in Belgium. It fills the band’s gig calendar to capacity and takes it to The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Sweden. Ah, the sweet smell of success!

With an ever increasing number of fans and live shows becoming more exciting and more experimental, Voodoo Boogie go on to the next level, trying to give their sound another boost. Again, they seek the reclusion of the recording studio and – never change a winning team – leave the production of the new album into the capable hands of Rob Vanspauwen. ‘This Ol’ Storm’, Voodoo Boogie’s second full length album, released by Remusic on May 6th 2011, is ‘groove’ all over again. Brace yourself and yet get knocked over: ‘This Ol’ Storm’ is more powerful and yet more intimate than ever. A contradiction in terms? Call it a passion, no more…

Their songs up on their Myspace page are pretty fucking impressive. I bought the CD!

MySpace profile


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