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Review – Been Obscene – Night O’Mine

A few months ago, I reviewed the impressive debut album from Austrian stoner rockers Been Obscene, The Magic Table Dance. Well, now they have released their second effort, Night O’Mine, now available on Elektrohasch Records. Let me tell you, what a difference a little time makes.

Let me remind you, I’m a big fan of their debut album. It would have easily landed on my top albums list for 2010 had I paid it any attention in ’10. However, the growth made between the two albums is impressive. The maturity in this album is clear right from the beginning. By in large, the sound is still very much the same. You have the fairly standard psychedelic stoner rock sound that you find coming out of Europe. In their debut album, they had a bit of grunge rock that could be found throughout. In Night O’Mine, the grunge is less pronounced. Personally, the change really helped the music hit me harder, even if the changes are subtle, at times.

One of the two biggest changes from The Magic Table Dance is the vocals. In their debut, the vocals fit well, but at times they were prone to strike you as being a little off; they never quite meshed as well as you would hope. This time around, the vocals have started to meld with the instruments, and I feel this has a huge impact on the overall sound of the album. I am not quite sure that I’m convinced the vocals are all the way there yet, but they sounding closer and closer as Been Obscene matures.

The second, and perhaps my favorite, change is the progressions. This is where you really see the band maturing. In their debut, the band constantly kept changing tempo and emotion throughout several of their songs. These progressions in Night O’Mine are much smoother than I saw in their first album; the songs become much more palatable. I didn’t really see the progressions as an issue with the first album, but in hearing the difference between the two albums, it’s clear that the progressions were one thing that were holding them back.

This had been a highly anticipated album for me ever since I learned that they were working on new material. Been Obscene didn’t disappoint with their second effort. All of their fuzzy, psychedelic tracks are equally epic as the next, and I can’t stress enough just how matured this album is compared to their first. If you’re like me and heard their first album and loved it, you’re sure to fall in love with Night O’Mine. If you were on the fence with their debut, you would be doing yourself a disservice by passing on this one. If you’re a fan of Colour Haze and haven’t heard of this band yet, you have no reason to pass up on this great band.

All That Is Heavy (US)
Elektrohasch Records (EU)


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  1. Paul Gillett

    its great!

    November 30, 2011 at 3:04 am

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