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The Soda Shop Podcast This Saturday!

Listen to The Soda Shop’s Podcast on Grip of Delusion Radio this Saturday 3-5 EST.

We all know that Ohio is a hot bed for great music. This week we celebrate those great artists with a podcast dedicated to Ohio bands.


01 Megaton Hammer – “Ready to Go” from The Year We Make Contact (2010)
02 The Suede Brothers – “Base Time” from Ill New You (2008)
03 Mechanics of Things – “100 Watt” from Twin Electric Death (2010)
04 Valley of the Sun – “Riding The Dunes” from The Saying of the Seers (2011)
05 Eye – “Restorers” from Center of the Sun (2011)
06 Forged in Flame – “A Ravens Cage” from Forged in Flame EP (2008)
07 Red Giant – “Devil Child Blues” from Devil Child Blues (2004)
08 Threefold Law – “Killer of the Sultan” from The Burning Time EP (2010)
09 Smoke Theory – “Burnt By The Sun” from Blood And Sin (2009)
10 Mad Anthony – “Uphill Both Ways” from …I Spent All My Money On Speed Metal (2010)
11 Lo-Pan – “Kramer” from Sasquanaut (Remasterd) 2009/2011
12 White Wolves – “The Burden of Destiny” from White Wolves EP (2011)
13 Exploding Lies – “Heavy River” from The Exploding Lies LP (2010)
14 Venomin James – “Make No Mistake” from Crowe Valley Blues (2010)
15 The White Soots – “Watch Th Horizon” from The White Soots (2010)
16 Jupiter Sideburns – “Humans Are Running For Cover” from Blowin’ Smoke: Ten Hits of Ohio’s Finest (2010)
17 Masters of Luxury – “8” from Welcome to Opulence (2007)
18 Sofa King Killer – “The God Out Of Reach” from Midnight Magic (2004)
19 Bridesmaid – “Barnstormer” from Free Reverbnation download
20 The Garrison – “WFOK” from the band’s Reverbnation page (2011)
21 Wussy – “Pulverized” from Strawberry (2011)
22 Blacklight Barbarian – “Mojave” from Blacklight Barbarian (2006)
23 Sons of the West – “The River And The Well” from Sons of the West (2011)


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