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Introducing… The Black Explosion

The Black Explosion is a power-trio the band plays and create music in a psychedelic electric blues-rock style.
After a long and successful career as a band leader for the retro rock & soul group Dollhouse. Chris Winter took his rock and roll visions and hooked up with bassist Matt “Ginger” Love and drummer Andreas Lindquist to create a spaced out, rock, fuzz and psyched out trio called The Black Explosion.
The musical style is rooted in rock & roll although it draws influences from garage rock, space-rock, soul, blues, noise and psych.Chris Winter composed and released 3 full length albums with his earlier group. During his carieer with The Dolls he produced, worked and recorded together with Mike Davis from legendary group The Mc5 and Nick Royal from The Hellacopters.

Now less than a year after Dollhouse split up Chris is back with his new gang The Black Explosion.

Personally I was saddened when I heard of Dollhouse breaking up.When Chris Winter contacted me with a demo of material from his new band I was curious naturally. The song posted below is called “Show Me.” Due to Mr. Winter’s distinctive voice, the Dollhouse comparisons are obviously going to be there. Vocally it sounds the same but the tone is a tad bit different. Instrumentally the whole garage rock sound from Dollhouse is gone and in its place, more of  a retro and psychedelic blues sound. It’s like the difference between Cherry Choke and Josiah where The Black Explosion is more Josiah. It has made me miss the fact that Dollhouse is no more and I have some very cool music to look forward to.


3 responses

  1. pete

    what a frakkin’ awesome song. looking forward to a full length!

    December 3, 2011 at 5:32 pm

  2. Black Explosion

    Home site up

    December 30, 2011 at 11:58 am

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