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Introducing… Luring Thieves

Luring Thieves are an instrumental 3 piece from Chicago. They play progressive instrumental stoner metal. Very cool shit indeed. They don’t have anything up for an official bio but here’s a few quotes from their reverbnation page:

“[This reviewer] highly recommends checking out LURING THIEVES and their non-lyrical rock groove. She thoroughly enjoyed the fantastical journey inside this band’s instrumental rock of jammin’ guitar riffs. The audience was literally blown away by Thieves’ heart-pounding sound and high adrenaline energy. What an experience! ”
Tanya Vega – South Side on the Town
“What I’m finding is that with Chicago shows I tend to like the opening acts much better than the headliners. LURING THIEVES was refreshing. You would like them if you hang out in garages, and are sick of whiny singers pouring their hearts out into generic emotastic rock ballads.”
ThisIsCaitland – ThisIsCaitland


One response

  1. More to come from the Thieves, as we are just sinking our teeth into this animal!!

    Thanks for the Review!

    Joel – Drummer, Luring Thieves

    December 5, 2011 at 9:38 pm

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