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Daily Bandcamp Album – Master Charger – Unity in Black

MASTER CHARGER! A four piece unit conceived in the blackest heart of Nottinghamshire England. The band are a fusion of late 1960’s psychedelic rock and the rock / heavy metal acts of the 1970’s. Throw in a mix of punk and working class frustration and you have the sound that is MASTER CHARGER. 2009 saw the band spew forth it’s dropped tuned monster groove on their debut album “Southbound N’ Supercharged”. Master Charger then went on the road unleashing their dirge doom laden assault on the public, up and down the country, before recording a live studio jam which features alternative renditions of the songs that appear on the bands debut. Also on this recording there is an unreleased track entitled “Super Death Charged”. The recording shows how Master Charger like to jam out and projects their honest and raw live sound. The above mentioned recording is titled “Live At Unit 5. The Sessions Vol I”. Master Charger are looking to record again sometime in 2010 after completing the live gigs that they already have lined up this year so far, Some of which are the Terrorizer Grindhouse shows.


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