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Introducing… Luminous Black

Luminous Black are a 3 piece Fuzz-Rock band based in the greater Newbridge area of Co. Kildare formed in March 2010. All members of the band have been playing music for many years in various other incarnations.
Our sound can be described as “fuzz driven blues grooves”. Our music ranges from the “upbeat grooves” of Pilates for Monkeys and then takes a twist back to the more blues rock end of the scale with Blood Red Blues. At the moment our setlist comprises of 18 original tracks (9 Insturmentals and 9 with Lyrics) and runs for approximately 1.5 hours, with cover versions included our setlist runs to 2 hours approx.
We started to play live shows in the autumn of 2010 and have played many gigs right through to the present. The reception we have gotten has been very positive yet our sound has been very hard to categorize by some people. 2011 is has been a busy and productive year for the band and we look to next year with hopes of being even busier!

These guys rock! Hard nose driven and blues based rock and roll. Check them out. Their tunes are free to download via their Facebook page.



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