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Review – Dinosaur Eyelids – Down A River

Dinosaur Eyelids claim to be an alternative rock band but there’s nothing alternative about them if you go by the 90’s definition. Don’t think Cracker, Smashing Pumpkins or Soul Asylum. Dinosaur Eyelids are much better than those, a lot heavier and certainly kick a lot of ass in the heavy department. If the band’s definition of alternative is different than the rest then they’re right. Dinosaur Eyelids are a pretty heavy stoner rock band from New Jersey. There’s plenty of down tuned guitars and some fuzz for good measure.

I’ll admit I didn’t listen to all of their debut LP Winter Solstice but the little I did hear I liked. When the band told me they were sending me their latest release, Down A River, I couldn’t help but get a little excited. Now it’s here and I’ve had a chance to give it a good listen. It’s a sweet gem of an album. It’s not completely super heavy, it mixes up to tone, the sound and the tempo. Each track is different than the last. They do have their lighter moments on the album like with “Conditionals” but it still sounds good. The heavier moments like “Further Down a River” and “Blood Beat” are just killer. “Into The Ocean” has an Alice in Chains sound to it and is also a killer track. Overall this is a great and satisfying album.

Down A River is pretty hefty album. It is long for an album coming in at just under an hour. The album has something for everyone, even for those who are picky about certain aspects (tone, vocals, heaviness, etc.). The band shows great range with this album switching up between hard and heavy to a little bit softer and more mellow track. Certainly whereever the band goes from here, I know they’re going to do great. Years on down the road people are going to look back and say Down A River is a defining moment in the band’s history. You can get your copy from the band at their webpage. Listen to “Further Down A River” below. [UPDATE: If the bandcamp player isn’t working correctly you can listen to it HERE]


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