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Bandcamp Recommendations – 12/08/2011

Weekly Bandcamp Recommendations. Blah, you know what to do. Thanks to Distant Rumble for leading me to a few of these.

Formed in the mouth of a Buffalo late last year, coming to a mouth near you soon. Their influeneces rangre from Blue Cheer, Black Flag, Eddie Cochrane, Hasil Adkins, Hot Lunch, Shannon and the Clams, Glitter Wizard, Cosmonauts, Mean Jeans, Wooden Shjips, Grass Widow, tons more bands from the bayy.
How about some stoner metal with a sludgey flavor from Baltimore? Jesus, Mary, and Broseph EP, by Asthma Castle is what you need.
How about some more sludgy metal? Brontide have their self titled EP with some pretty cool looking cover art.
Small Stone artist Black Sleep of Kahli had an EP out for their Small Stone debut. The band has now uploaded said EP up for your consumption. Go get it now!
I’m going to leave you with yet another heavy band, Klovenhoofs. Very good heavy and somewhat psychedelic stuff. There’s a few different albums to download.
Once Drummer Janosch Rathmer (Long Distance Calling) started jamming with guitar-wizard Nick van Delft in 2010 both decided that the songs that rose from their sessions had to meet the ears. So they soon joined forces with Stephan Gall (Guitar) and Robert Kahr (Bass, Organ) to form the bluesdriven, heavy and sometimes psychedelic rock-formation that should go by the name of ZODIAC.
I’ll end this one with a band called Plant. Plant plays stoner rock with some punk. The recording is called Friendship. Love. Truth. It is a demo so the cut is abit on the rough side but still sounds great none the less.

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