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Bandcamp Recommendations 12/15/2011

I may take a break for the next two weeks from this. I haven’t decided yet. For now though, here’s this weeks finds.

Found this via Chybucca Sounds:

Sauntering in from the West Coast, The Rattlesnake Aces’ first, full-length release, is close to being the perfect debut: killer hooks delivered with chest-beating swagger.

Featuring members of: Unwritten Law and Agent 51, this San Diego quintet’s ‘Wreck’n’Roll’ formula is taking the much-recycled, riff-and-raunch fanfare of old, and rebranding it with renewed vigour and purpose. From the ZZ-Top-tinged, ‘Outlaw Girl: You’re Super Band’ ‘(‘Sleeping Bag’, anyone?), to the rustic, neo-psychedelia-tinged stomp of ‘Astral Dogs’…… (full review here)

Next up is a South American band from São Paulo called Câimbr. Here is their sludgy and heavy album  É Tudo Uma Mentira.

Next is another South American band from Buenos Aires. This band is called Banda de la Muerte. They have heavy (and I mean heavy) riffs and lots of downtuned sludge for good measure. The band is working on new material so look for that if you dig this.

Next is a blues rock band from Boston called The Minor Three. They’ve been featured here in these spaces before. Now that have a new album out called Foreign Bodies.

In looking for “The Black Keys” into Bandcamp I came up with 1 good album and that is Lions by Ravenhill. Hard bluesy rock, don’t miss this one!


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