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Introducing… Electric Sorcery

From Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom comes the progressive psychedelic sound that is Electric Sorcery.This electrifying power trio brings together three of the best known original musicians in the NEK, Derek Campbell, on vocals and guitar, Luke Laplant on the electric wind instrument and PJ Davidian on the drums. They are quite familiar with the New England music scene having played and toured in groups such as The Jennifer Hartswick Band, Bootyjuice, Viscus, Viper House, Movement of the People and many others. Their brand of heavy rock music pulls together styles from fusion to reggae to rap and beyond. Nasty riffs, fluid grooves, far out leads and soulful vocals are the staples of their sound. Since it’s inception in 2008 Electric Sorcery has released three albums Electric Sorcery I & II and more recently the very twisted, Frank Zappa influenced rock opera Believe In Own Best Friend. More original music is currently on deck to be released with new tunes being written all the time. They’re energy packed live show has been brought to venues and festivals around New England and New York from Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom to New York City to Boston to Burlington and beyond with much more extensive touring on the horizon. They can often be heard on college radio around New England and elsewhere in the US and Europe. Music by Electric Sorcery has appeared in a few independent and underground films including the nationally distributed film Ninja Zombies. Their albums have received fantastic reviews from publications like Progression Magazine and Websites such as, Sea Of Tranquility and others. Their music can be found across the internet from itunes and LastFM to progressive rock internet radio stations like Aural Moon, Delicious Agony and others as well as their website and where all of their recorded music can be downloaded. Electric Sorcery has been known to cause some side effects but if used properly can make for a life enhancing experience. Try Electric Sorcery today.

These guys are different. Their style is psychedelic progressive rock with hints of jazz, blues and reggae. The music is different. I’d have to say that these guys listened to a LOT of Frank Zappa. he was a huge influence on them. Listen to their latest album (below).


2 responses

  1. Hey I know these guys! They are great! I live in the town next door to them. I saw this post on facebook and I thought that you guys should start your own radio station. I run We can set you up with unlimited SHOUTcast hosting to start your online radio station. Let me know if I can help.

    December 18, 2011 at 1:33 pm

  2. Is that Charlie Day?

    December 18, 2011 at 4:23 pm

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