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Daily Bandcamp Album – Riff Cannon – Mercury Mountain

“If a rock band chooses a name like Riff Cannon either has the balls to keep the promises or is planning to commit suicide at the first gig! In the case of the Bostonian Riff Cannon band, promises have a lot of chances to be fulfilled!

Riff Cannon is a young band that released its debut full-length album, Mercury Mountain, in summer 2009.
The band’s sources of inspiration listed in myspace are as varied as the sounds contained in the debut album: Black Sabbath, Neurosis, Leafhound, Captain Beyond, Atomic Rooster, Cave In, Bloodrock, Hawkwind, Sleep, Torche, Dead Meadow, Pink Floyd, Electric Wizard, Witchcraft, Thin Lizzy, Om, Queens of the Stone Age, Led Zeppelin, Earth, Deep Purple, Groundhogs, Cactus, YOB, Witch, Pentagram… The album is highly enjoyable and varied and tracks cover styles from bluesy fuzzy stoner to heavy doom to space rock. I must say I enjoyed the riff-rich juicy, dirty stoner-doom tracks more than the spacey ones, although the latter are nice as well. I mean, they say “riff” and I want “riff” …
Definitely a band to check out!”

Reviewed by Mari (SludgeSwamp)

nuff said


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  1. Hey! Mari! Have missed you & the Swamp….

    December 20, 2011 at 5:42 am

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