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Review-Earth Burnt Black-Harrowing Catharsis

Earth Burnt Black is a destructive beast of a quartet fromColorado. Three of the four members are listed as vocals…and let me tell you something…the vocal range and use of them against so many different tidal waves of music makes this a metal lover’s dream album. I am a huge fan of bands like killwhitneydead…Wolves in the Throne Room…ISIS…so I like my metal vocals to be doomy death!!! Earth Burnt Black is doomy death metal with that progressive edge.

“Intro” is doom and doom and doom!!! Hollow vocals pound a trance into my head while screams echo in the background. Then we scream our way into the melodic monster “The March” for almost 10 minutes. Moving like an indestructible mass of warriors on a death march…this track is relentless and gracefully reveals the destruction and beauty of such a march. “Adornment” spends the first 6 minutes of the 10 for this track with a mind numbing lull into comfort. The when you wonder were the tidal wave is…it hits hard!! Machine gun guitars and screaming death metal vocals mixed with the likes of Mike Pattonesque opera like vocals. It’s a vocal fucking orgy…and I am so there!!

“Freedom of the Wretched” spins in like a tornado…vocals playing off each other until we get to creepy spoken vocals…as a fan of metal vocals but not always with death metal music…this is some cool shit. A Mr. Bungle taste from their days of dark tracks…(see Disco Violente…one of the best metal albums ever!!) This track is 8 minutes of pain and pleasure…my two favorite things to mix. “The Hunt” is a bite size piece at 4 minutes compared to some of the epic length of the other tracks. But it delivers the same punch and sweet mix of vocals. This is a vocalist dream album. “Lead or Cyanide” is a track that combines the beauty and rage of metal in an impressive manner. I hear the progressive sound a lot in this track too…very cool.

“Vengence and Fire” uses the vocals to maximize the idea of a double loaded concept like vengeance and fire with a overlapping and battling lyrics. The music slips into landscape metal with continual screaming vocals and relentless guitars and cymbals. Then like the rest of the album…we break into something with a different pace. This album keeps your interest. The album finishes with the sounds of an open fire and crickets being accompanied with an acoustic guitar and “normal” vocals…it’s a nice song with haunting lyrics…an interesting and appropriate end to this destructive album.

For lovers of metal that is thrash, doom, and progressive…”Harrowing Catharsis” by Earth Burnt Black is one helluva an album. I dig bands like Made Out of Babies…Mr. Bungle…killwhitneydead…and Celtic Frost. So I loved this album. My Christmas is going to be a little bit darker this year…which is the way I like it!! listen for free here…and then buy it fool!



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