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Introducing… Caveman Voicebox

Some folks might argue that the current world of Caveman Voicebox is perhaps a bit too fueled by hotrods, drinking, and loud guitars, but the band could really careless.

Emerging from the sunny streets of Los Angeles, California, Caveman Voicebox find themselves with just the right mix of car cultural, stripper ethics and blue collar fury to bring a smile to just about anyone’s face. Largely influenced by big doses of Motorhead, ZZ Top and stoner rock, they weave together an extremely aggressive rock assault while thumbing their noses at all non-believers along the way. As a result they have gained respect from rockers young and old and are quickly becoming the sound track for every gear head, pole dancer and biker, West of the Rockies.

Like all great bands in rock history, lineup changes are a process and a means to an end. The current team consists of quarterback, GW Wilson bass, vocal, flanked by Matt Merrow drums, Alfred Cruz guitar and Mike McKnight guitar. This lineup has had the most impact on rock ears.

Caveman Voicebox made their debut in 2011 playing dusty basements and rehearsal room keg parties, releasing demos and live recordings along the way. Eventually, time came for the band to record in the studio so GW Wilson reached out to brother / producer Doug Carrion (Descendents, Dag Nasty, Kottonmouth Kings) for assistance.
“I knew from the get go they were a straight up rock project and my goal was pretty much to light the match to the bomb, run and take cover, “ explains Carrion.

The bands first effort “ Strippers Mullets & Beer “ available 12/13/11 is a 5 song EP hell-bent on high octane rock and roll, described by some as Govt Mule on steroids. Lending a hand on slide guitar is Eric Dover (Slash’s Snake Pit, Alice Cooper) to the Texas boogie stomp, 72 Nova, a song depicting street racing, fast living and the rush for speed.

Caveman Voicebox will be playing a series of West Coast dates supporting the EP with plans for additional recordings in the late spring and a summer tour of the States in 2012.


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