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The Soda Shop Podcast This Saturday!

Tune in this Saturday 3-5EST on Grip of Delusion Radio for our next Podcast. This week we pay tribute to The Black Keys. There’s no doubt that The Black Keys are huge right now. While signed to a major label, their influence has spread out to many different bands. This week we feature bands that are influenced by and have have a similar sound to The Black Keys. Setlist:

01 Black River Bluesman & Bad Mood Hudson – “Out In The Woods” from Double HEaded Trouble (2011)
02 Black Pistol Fire – “Suffication Blues” from Black Pistol Fire (2011)
03 Left Lane Cruiser – “Weed Vodka” from Junkyard Speed Ball (2011)
04 Dead Exs – “Daddy Issues” from Resurrection (2011)
05 Chili Cold Blood – “I Been Drinkin'” from Rock N’ Roll Motherfucker Redux (2005)
06 The White Soots – “Ghost” from The White Soots (2010)
07 Quaker City Nights – “Some of Adam’s Blues” from ¡Torquila Torquila! (2011)
08 Blackfoot Gypsies – “Coming through The Pines” from Blackfoot Gypsies (2011)
09 The Minor Three – “The Weight” from Foreign Bodies (2011)
10 Voodoo Boogie – “Got To Get Out” from This ‘Ol Storm (2011)
11 The Heavy Eyes – “Iron Giant” from The Heavy Eyes (2011)
12 Rhythm Hawks – “40 Miles” from Rhythm Hawks
13 The Blackwater Fever – “Blackwater” (2008)
14 The Boogieman Jordan Daniel – “Loose Cannons” from Blues Pops & Jazz Smokes (2011)
15 Howlin Rain – “Good Life” from The Good Life EP
16 Larman Clamor – “Ghost Daze & Rhythm” from Larman Clamor
17 The Mediums – “The Right Spot” from Shiny Void Blues
18 My Goodness – “In The SWun” from My Goodness (2011)
19 The Steepwater Band – “Remember The Taker” from Clava (2011)
20 Chicken Diamond – “Sister Ray” from Chicken Diamond (2011)
21 Joy – “Help Me” from Psychic Blues EP
22 The Heavy – “Set Me Free” from Great Vengeance and Furious Fire (2007)
23 Feedback Revival – “Kid Dynamite” from In The Woods (2009)
24 Desert Dolls – “House of Dogs” from The Magnate Single (2011)
25 DeepSeaGreen – “Coagula” from Valsorda (2011)
26 Exploding Lies – “Sweet Melissa” from The Exploding Lies LP (2010)
27 Black Diamond HEavies – “White Bitch” from Every Damn Time (2007)
28 Black Joe Lewis & The Honey Bears – “Boogie” from Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is! (2009)


One response

  1. Wow this is one hell of a playlist!

    December 21, 2011 at 10:45 am

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