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Introducing… Zodiac N Black

“You know what it’s like when you hear an unknown band for the first time, and they impress you? The first thought is, ‘Hang on, can they really be as good as I thought? Let’s play it again’. And the second time, the music still sounds strong. Well, meet Zodiac N Black, a young London band who’ve already displayed enough verve, vivacity and sheer musical depth to suggest they are in a with a real shout at making the right noises at the highest levels”
Malcolm Dome (Classic Rock, Total Rock)

Zodiac N Black are vocalist Jad, guitarist Jim, bassist Hank and drummer Luca. Their influences are a fusion of Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, and Black Sabbath, imagine this sound bed with a grittier and a more modern approach and you will understand where these guys are coming from. ‘The Aftermyth’ is their long awaited debut album it was mixed by Alex Newport (The Melvins, The Mars Volta, Sepultura) and has already been championed by music critic Malcolm Dome (Classic Rock, Total Rock). From heavy riff-based album opener ‘Bastinado’, to third track ‘Only the Lonely’ with its pulsating but rhythmic melody it perfectly complements the thunder bolt that is ‘Bad Pills’.

They manage to stay heavy without being imposing, catchy without being pop and southern without being cheesy, these guys have created a sound which is unique to them and it’s a winning recipe.

Look for “The Aftermyth” to hit early 2012. We’ll have a full review of it as well.


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