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Vincebus Eruptum – Press News


The new issue is almost ready! We’re waiting for the very last contents and then we’ll send the mag to the printing…

Next VINCEBUS ERUPTUM N°12 will be published for the end of January 2012…with the exclusive “Acid Sounds Vol.1” compilation!

The new number will be available in two different version:

  • Vincebus Eruptum N°12 (only magazine) – 500 copies
  • Vincebus Eruptum N°12 deluxe (magazine + “Acid Sounds Vol.1” cd compilation) – 500 numbered copies

Definitive contents: exclusive interviews to Lee Dorrian, Black Rainbows, Zippo, Gentleman’s Pistols, Hounds of Hasselvander, The Freeks, The Grand Astoria, Wight and many many many reviews (12 pages!)…

This is the official cover-art by Kabuto:



“Acid Sounds Vol.1” exclusive CD compilation:

  • CORE “Mood Disorder”

1996 – unreleased track from the “Revival” sessions – produced by Billy Anderson – Billy Anderson on lead vocals, Finn Ryan on drums, Timmy Ryan on guitar, Carmine Pernini on bass)

  • OJM “Har(d)ucks”

2011 – unreleased track based on an old unreleased track (“Heavy” sessions) plus new vocals by David Martin

  • THAT’S ALL FOLKS “Hypnotic Pulse”

2010 – track only published on the 300 ltd. 7″ split between T.A.F. and ANUSEYE – Nasoni Records – Claudio Colaianni on guitar and vocals, Michele Rossiello on bass guitar and percussions, Max Marzocca on Drums, Angelo Pantaleo on keyboards and manual effects midi sampler

  • E.X.P. “DNA connect just like a kids tumble”

2003 – unreleased track from the never issued second album – mixed by Gary Ramon – LC  on bass, NC on guitars, JB on vocals, FB on drums

  • THE FREEKS “Vitamin-D”

2011 – new unreleased track – Kenny Cunningham on piano and synth, Isaiah Mitchell on guitar leads and mandolin, Marco Forster on backing vocals, Ruben Romano on vocals, guitar, bass, drums and percussion


2000 – unreleased track by this HALF MAN/SKANSKA MORD side project – Patric Carlsson on bass, Janne Bengtsson on vocals and harmonica, Mattias Nilsson on guitar, Peter Johansson on drums


2011 – unreleased track from the “Barons & Bankers” sessions – Written & Performed by Vic du Monte’s Persona Non Grata, produced by James Childs at Stujo in Los Angeles March 2011

  • VIBRAVOID “Photosynthesis In Darkness”

2011 – not yet released track (due to release on “Gravity Zero” – 25th of February 2012 by Sulatron Records) – Written & Performed by Vibravoid

  • COLT.38 “Amplesso in DOm”

2011 – unreleased track performed by C.C and E.R.

  • ZIPPO “Night Jam #2”

2008 -unreleased track from the “The Road To Knowledge” sessions – registered by Andrea di Giambattista and Francesco di Florio at Twelve Studio (Tocco da Casauria, Pescara ITALY) , mastered by John Golden at Golden Mastering Studio (Ventura, California USA) – Davide Straccione on vocals, Alessandro Sergente on guitar, Silvio Spina on guitar, Tonino Bosco on bass and Federico Sergente on drums

  • ELECTRIC MOON “Trip Trip Trip”

2011 – track only published on the 500 ltd. 12″ split between ELECTRIC MOON and GLOWSUN – Sulatron Records – Written & Performed by Electric Moon


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