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Review – Hooka Hey – Little Things

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Hooka Hey carries on a musical journey of initiation of a bridge between rock unpin the 70s and today. Vertigo panoramic guaranteed!

The quartet sets out a double relaxation and music combine in a brilliant electric and acoustic alchemy. The electricity of a rock steeped in the blues organic, telluric, steel and acoustic folk with a clean loan of saving honesty.

But the influences are beautiful and well understood, diluted Hooka Hey … revived and extended the rights. It now has its own attraction.

This little EP called Little Things caught my by surprise. A PR company contacted me and told me about the band a little. I didn’t give it much thought but I accidentally clicked on a link in the email that brought me to a video by the band. It was actually pretty damn good. So I did what any other reviewer does, I listened to the EP. I’ll have to say that this is a pleasant little EP.

Little Things is short, 3 songs, 12 minutes. The lead song “Hush Me” is a hard rocking tune with somewhat gruff vocals, fuzzed out guitars and a catchy tune. “Little Things” is a much lighter number featuring acoustic guitars and mellow vocals. It’s about the “little things” around that get you high but not in a substance type rather a feel good high. The closing track “Bad Mamma” is heavy like the lead track. Fast and fuzzy guitars and a catchy bass round off this great EP.

Little Things is a cool EP and a great representation of what the future may hold for this band. Click on the Facebook link below to listen to the entire EP and watch a video from the band. Let us know what you think afterwards. I for one can’t wait for a full length!


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