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The Soda Shop Podcast This Saturday!

Tune in this Saturday December 31st, 2011 to Grip of Delusion Radio and start your New Years partying with a bang. Some of the best songs from 2011 in another year end Podcast. 3-5 EST is the time. You’ll find some great bands here. You won’t find any losers among this list.


01 The Virgin Marys – “My Little Girl” from Just A Ride EP (2011)
02 Venomous Maximus – “The Mission” from The Mission
03 Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – “Death’s Door” from Blood Lust
04 Turbowolf – “The Big Cut” from Turbowolf
05 Trophy Wives – “(You’re Like A) Bad Song” from Old Scratch
06 TOTR – “Highway” from Rock ‘n’ Roll Side
07 Threefold Law – “Fire” from Revenant
08 SuperGiant – “Rosey Posey” from Pistol Star
09 Sungrazer – “34 and More” from Mirador
10 Steel Trees – “Meat ‘n’ Cherry Pie” from Gunk
11 Soul Manifest – “White Season (Part 2)” from White Season
12 Samsara Blues Experiment – “Into The Black” from Revelation & Mystery
13 Rival Sons – “All Over The Road” from Pressure & Time
14 The Ragged Jubliee – “Country Girl” from American Moan
15 Ponamero Sundown – “Shot For Glory” from Rodeo Eléctrica
16 Ogressa – “Give Me Some Space” from Warts And All
17 The Nines – “Broken Way” from The Nines
18 My Goodness – “In The Sun” from My Goodness
19 Fellwoods (formerly The Moss) – “Widow Trakk” from Wulfram
20 Monotonix – “Late Night” from Not Yet
21 Love Mound – “Outlaws We’ll Ride” from The Noose, The Tree, And The Desert Sky
22 Lomera – “There Will Be Blood” from Lomera EP
23 Killimanjaro – “Burning” from Killimanjaro
24 Jefferson Colby – Einsteins” from Dinosaurs & Fireworks
25 The HArd Ponys – Maybe That’s The Way” from The Hard Ponys
26 The Hanna Barbarians – “You | Devil | Me” from SYZYGY
27 Gentlemans Pistols – “The Ravisher” from At Her Majesty’s Pleasure


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