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Heavy Pink, 7″ Vinyl

I can feel doom like
Something under the sheets with bristles
That stinks and moves
Toward me….
“A Nice Day,” Charles Bukowski, Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame

From that Maple Forum label… home of those monsters Roareth, we get, bien sûr, this band… this band called Heavy Pink. Which, in all seriousness… well… I can’t go into it here.

It’s too much. You don’t give a shit, anyway. Don’t bother to lie. I know you, you know.

Alright then… you’ve persuaded me. …You’ve made me see the light. I submit. I give in.

It is a great band name. I don’t know how they came up with it. Or he. It’s just one guy recording here. Not that you can tell. It’s quite fat, expansive psychedelic stoner/doom metal. The vinyl just makes it that much greater to a pretender to the aural throne like me.

Heavy Pink… ah, their 7″ vinyl single, I mean… sound like a soundtrack, a backing orchestra, to Lord of the Rings, in anime form, starring the smurfs, while you’re on the best trip you ever had.

It’s like Papa Smurf, as Gandalf, is singing to you. Like Gandalf Smurf is telling you Epic Tales– even more so than King Krogold.

Look at the tags if you want to know what this music sounds like.

Here’s the link to Youtube. You should dip your toe in. You should indulge your curious side.

[Thanks to guest contributor, L.F. Céline.]

buy from their label

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