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The Soda Shop Podcast This Saturday!

Listen this Saturday 3-5pm EST on Grip of Delusion Radio. This week’s Podcast, The Best of Bandcamp, So Far….


01 The Fërtility Cült – “Völkerwanderung” from Eschatology (2010)
02 Blackfoot Gypsies – “You Got Trouble” from Dandee Cheeseball (2011)
03 Dirty Tuesday – “Truth or Dare” from Fresh Pot (2011)
04 Oyabun – “Fahrenheit” from Gods And Dogs (2011)
05 Pigboat – “Happy Go Rocket Terrapinmmon” from Nothing’s Ever Finished (2006)
06 Ethereal Riffian – “Part III Yax Imix Che (The Path)” from Shaman’s Visions (2011)
07 The Plastic Boots – “Gunshy” from The Plastic Boots (2011)
08 Wizard Eye – “C.O.C.” from Orbital Rites (1974)
09 Across Tundras – “Tectonic Shifts” from Old World Wanderer (2010)
10 The Sun The Moon The Stars – “Mara/Traitor” from We Are The Swine (2009)
11 Bulletproof Tigers – “San Diego” from Bulletproof Tigers (2010)
12 Covered In Bees – “God Damn The Queen” from Portland Steel (2010)
13 Zed – -“Sinner” from The Invitation (2010)
14 Hypatia Lake – “The Keepers of the Great White Lodge (2011)
15 Shrine – “Bring Me The Moon, Slowly” from Live Love with Shrine (2011)
16 The White Soots – “Ghost” from The White Soots (2010)
17 Sedulus – “Another Caucasian, Gary” from Perseids EP (2010)
18 Holy Mount – “Throughout These Eyes” from We Fell From The Sky (2011)


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