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Small Stone Records Updates

20120111-092805.jpgWe are very busy getting new albums released, pimped, worked, and the 2012 SXSW hype maching going on. Here is a quick run down of what have been up to over the last few weeks.

First, Last Rays Of The Dying Sun, the
debut full length from New Jersey’s Infernal Overdrive is now in stock and ready for you all. We were hoping to also have the I.O. band at SXSW this year, but it looks like it is not in the cards for them this time around. In the meantime, You will be able to catch Infernal Overdrive on a stage near you next month if you happen live along the Eastern Seaboard of the US.

Next, Good Morning Harakiri, the debut full length from Salt Lake City’s Dwellers is at now at the plant, and is also available for pre order at the Small Stone Online Store. The Dwellers are gearing up for a West Coast Tour in March, which will also lead them down to Austin to perform as a part of the Small Stone 2012 SXSW Showcase. We will have the confirmed dates and venues posted for their tour very shortly.

In recording news,Greenleaf are busy wrapping up recording their third Small Stone full length (and fourth overall), and Finland’s Mangoo are about to enter the mastering phase for their SSR debut, Neverland. Both of these album will be rolling out late Spring, roughly around May or June. Also, Portland, Maine’s Sun Gods In Exile is on cue for a June or July release wit their far from sophmore effort Thanks For The Silver which will give just about every fan of the Black Crowes something to rejoice about…. Yep, it is really is that good! Roadsaw, Sons Of Otis, and Luder will all be hitting the studio soon, and there is also something big brewing in the Five Horse Johnson camp too.

On the SXSW front, We are very much looking forward to our yearly Showcase in Austin. We have a great line up that includes the likes of: Tia Carrera, Dixie Witch, Suplecs, Lo-Pan, Gozu, Backwoods Payback, Dwellers stuffed into Headhunters, which is also one of our favorite little watering holes on Red River. It is always nice to tilt some back with some old friends, and some new ones too!. Save the date, Friday March 16th! The show starts at 7pm, and we do suggest that you get there early, as the place will fill up fast.


2 responses

  1. What happened to Gozu – Vatican Assassin Warlocks?

    January 11, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    • Bill Goodman

      They’re working on it. Last I had heard, they had to records few more songs. I would expect a mid to late 2012 on it but my bet would be the sooner.

      January 11, 2012 at 6:17 pm

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