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Introducing… Screaming Rattler

You may or may not remember a few weeks back I featured Screaming Rattler’s self titled EP at a Daily Bandcamp Album. Well I realized I never gave them a proper introduction. The band doesn’t have a bio posted anywhere that I could find so I’ll give it my best.

It all started on a cold snowy night somewhere in the wrong part of town. The year was 1983. Three radioactive and high spiders named Stevie, John and Cliff were spinning webs hoping to catch some nice 8 legged spiders to lay eggs with. After a few hours of catching nothing but flies and mosquitoes, the three decided that they needed a new path in life. They figured music was the answer. The three set out to learn how to play and vowed not to return to their normal hanging spot until they learned how to play. Many years passed when finally all three returned. Stevie had learned to play guitar and sing, John had learned drums and Cliff had learned to play the bass. They had all played with different musicians throughout the greater Philadelphia area with varying degrees of success. The time to play together was now. After some jam sessions they were ready and played many gigs together. The problem now was that they were old. The life of a radioactive spider is much longer than a normal one but their time had come. They decided to head out and spread their musical knowledge the best they know how to, bite the most talented person they can find. The time frame is a little hazy but somewhere around 2009/2010, Screaming Rattler was born thanks to Cliff, Stevie and John, the radioactive spiders.

Ok so my little made up bio is cheesy, sue me. No don’t, I don’t have much to begin with. The band is a 3 piece from Philadelphia, Pa and consists of Chad Knight, Rich Stouffer, Alex Gilbert. Their style is heavy southern hard rock with lots of 1970’s overtones. They have one EP released so far to their name. If I had to tie a few bands together to describe their sound I would have to add Clutch, a little Hendrix and some SRV for starters. Listen to the EP yourself and draw your own conclusions and let me know what you think in the comments.


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