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Introducing… Lee Harvey & the Oswalds

In summer 2002 the band founded Florian Bätz Lee Harvey & the Oswalds. Bands have to set yourself the advantage that you can scare other people around, and generally determine everything. Just at this point, the band has a great bandleader. Christopher Muehlbauer, one of the few people with only two facial expressions (happy grin, laughter), founded with the same subject, but Florian at mentioned point and therefore can not determine and scare. After the band with another guitarist (MM) and a bassist (CH) in Death – Metal feet grabbed, 2004 saw the musical and therefore also personal changes – bass and rhythm guitar left the band. Since every band needs a bass, the actual guitarist Florian Wallisch was brought, the puzzling today over the terms “active” and “passive”, but looks good (believe it anyway) and because each band so someone needs (or at least any that do not woman on bass) has gaps in knowledge are forgivable. Hits during a nighttime drink Florian B. Manuel and Leupold is the ability of the question, “Hi, how are you and how heißt’n?” Answer after only 4:37 minutes to think correctly so excited that the same applies allowed henceforth sing in the band . Bandopa Czogalla Thomas finds himself a reason to join … he is old and is afraid for his pension. Can transfer to a big band, Frank Peters, who on his percussion – – With a million has instruments as much control, like a stone over gravity; favorite drink: Air, as well as novel Gesenhues, the only person who is also a pencil, a microwave and a hair tie may be required to make music for hours. In order to give the band with a Swabian accent with a cosmopolitan touch scary, and incidentally to complete the horn section is, last but not least Ralf Müller its way into the band.

With this abstruse Rhythm ‘n’ Blues – Line up the band play “Metal fusion” by, on the basis of metal and rock, a variety of musical styles from funk to blues to jazz to be incorporated. Surprised by the live band ever new musical tightrope, exuberant performance and bizarre stage outfits.

These guys have a pretty neat sound. It’s mostly progressive rock with some metal overtones. There’s even a brass section. To a point it reminds me of Frank Zappa.


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