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Introducing… Temple Of Deimos

On 27 March 2010, the band begins their career with their first album, edited by Elevator Records and Jestrai and recorded at the RED HOUSE RECORDINGS in SENIGALLIA, under the supervision of famous independent producer David Lenci. In the album he himself duets with Fabio in the closing track (GULP ME DOWN). The trio’s philosophy leads them to a DesertRock genre inspired by bands like Queens of The Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures and Masters of Reality. The band gets positive reviews from the press (Rockol, Rockerilla, Vincebus Eruptum, Informazioni metal, KdCobain, SonicBands). The trio performs in about twenty gigs all over Italy, after Load Up Communication is assigned press office duties and the videoclip of “It’s Beautiful When I Die” is released, obtaining approval over the web. But our story does not start here! The band had already been formed in 2006, and since then it had played in support of other bands and singers, among which Teatro degli Orrori, Meganoidi (for about ten gigs during the GranVanoeli tour), Giorgio Canali, Rosso Fuoco, Peter Doherty and Alan Wass. At the moment, Temple of Deimos are in tour in Italy, and their second album is being prepared “on the road”, considering the frequent live gigs. When we finish all the songs, we’ll be back at RED HOUSE RECORDINGS STUDIO, to record our second album and look for a new label. TEMPLE OF DEIMOS.

From Chybucca Sounds:
The first thing that strikes you about Temple of Deimos is their incredible knack for mimicking the robot-rock guitar noodling of Josh Homme and Co.

In fact, the Genoa four-piece do it so well, that it is hard to listen to their debut, without the aforementioned desert torchbearers, seeping into your thought process. For instance: ‘It’s Beautiful When I Die’ is a unison slog, complete with multi-tracked vocal harmonies; while ‘Fields of Berries’ is the Italian cousin of ‘Misfit Love’. Continue reading…


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