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Introducing… Guns Under The Table

Formed in 2011 with intention of turning out some thick riff driven tunes to shake your head to, firmly rock at heart but taking in other strands, alt,post,stoner,metal we arive at just doing our own thing.

The band is Guns Under The Table. They’re from the UK and play stoner rock with a shit load of post and progressive moments. They recently released an EP cleverly titled EP01. It’s 26 minutes long and is full of great and heavy riffs. The recording sounds a little crude and raw but I think, for me anyways, that’s the whole appeal of the EP. That “crude and raw” sound is what gives it it’s personality. It’s lack of a big budget and added frills says “here we are and how we sound naturally.” In a way, it reminded me of Nirvana’s Bleach album. The vocals reminded me a bit of Wade Morrison (Split Hoof). The 5th track, “33 and A Third” is a 7 and a half minute instrumental songs that does slightly dabble with some doom but is, for me, the highlight of the entire EP.

If you like good stoner rock with a lot of real raw energy and attitude, Guns Under The Table are a band you need to check out. Grab their EP from their Bandcamp page (player below). It’s only $4 and the band could use the money a lot more than the local fast food restaurant. What are you waiting for?


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