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Introducing… Coogans Bluff

“Magic Bubbles” is the second longplayer of the young (Berlin based) hardrock quartet, Coogans Bluff. Their main influence goes back to the freewheelin´ 1970s , the time when music still was music. Fresh – with high octane and a lot passion these excellent musicians take you on a trip in time to present their synthesis of “natural-heavy-kickass-blues-rock&roll/krautrock”. The eleven compositions were recorded analog and express a soulful, intense and atmospheric vibe of straight forward heavy rock, with aggressive but also epic and melodic guitarwork, catchy and remarkable vocals, enriched with psychedelic, experimental elements by Hammond-organ, Rhodes-piano and trippy horn effects. The CB-music has its own appeal by a unique full range of sound, but you will notice flashes of various major acts in classic rock history, such as Thin Lizzy, Jimi Hendrix, Ufo, Golden Earring, The Stooges, Can, Pearl Jam, Mindfunk or Monster Magnet. The line-up consists of two brothers (dr./git.), and two schoolmates (bs./voc.), which is the perfect synergy for blind trust and comprehension, homogeneous complexity and a unique groove that the band has acquired during the countless amount of gigs since the rural beginning in 2003. Surrounded and supported by close friends and family the “Bluffers” are a strong and creative unit, which served here a well balanced, professional and ambitious and TIMELESS artistic statement, rounded off by a stunning artwork. In the end, high spirits and the feeling of having witnessed a damn good time is here to stay. Somehow magical – the more you listen, the more you feel the need to hit the play button again, again and again!


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