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Review/Introducing… One-Eyed King

A biting sermon of apocalyptic prophesies is delivered as the rhythm section unwaveringly drives the thick raucous guitar through the chests of the assembled. Not recommended for those of weak constitution, questionable moral composition or the easily suggestible.Think you’ve got what it takes? Be warned, once you learn there’s things you can’t unsee…

I came across this album recently and you may remember I even featured it as a daily Bandcamp album. If you didn’t listen before, you should give it a listen. I’ve had a bit of a time to listen to the album Santa Carla. For those who haven’t listened yet, the sound is very similiar to other heavy albums by bands such as Sixty Watt Shamen, Mighty Nimbus and Gypsy Chief Goliath.The vocals are heavy and gruffy, the riffs are fast and catchy and the drums march along to their own beat. Their style is deep down and dirty hard rock with some sludge and metal overtones. The songs are memorable and worth many many many replays. This isn’t a one time listen and you’re done album.
I like where One-Eyed King are heading with this Ep and look forward to hearing more from these guys. Hopefully sooner than later.


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